Saturday, August 20, 2011

A New York Reunion

Over the July 4th Holiday, we were able to have a reunion of sorts at my parents house in Westfield, NY with my brother Scott and his family from Arizona. It had been over a year since we had seen them. We actually had spent our last night in Arizona at their house before we moved to Virginia. While we were together, the grandkids had a lemonade stand, played, swam, picniced, and just spent great time together.

My dad was happy because I unloaded a good 4 large boxes from their attic of my Barbie toys that I had when I was a kid. They are now Maddy's. I have to admit, I did cry when she started playing with them. Just thinking about how much fun I had with them and now she would get to play with them, too.

Glad I Didn't Change a Thing

I suppose there has been a reason I have been on hiatus these last few months in writing anything on either of my blogs. Here is the short version (if there is such a thing):
Matt left his job in Virginia (the one we came out here in the first place for) and got a position with a company in Maryland. We found a townhome in Joppa, MD and moved there after July 4th. We absolutely LOVE Maryland and the people and all that there is to do. It is a different vibe than Virginia. We also moved into a townhome community and were immediately welcomed with open arms and the kids had about 10 instant friends.

In the meantime, Matt had been interviewing with a company that is one of the toughest in the country to interview for. Over the course of two months he had two phone interviews and two on site interviews, 1 in California and 1 in Virginia. Of course he was offered a position and it is in Virginia. He began last week but we are living in Maryland - big problem. Right now he is commuting/telecommuting/living in company housing until we can get out of our lease and find a place in Virgina and move back. I guess one of the good things in all of this is that the moves have been paid for, but it still does not alleviate the stress of actually looking for a new place and moving.

So, we did not go from the Arizona Leonard's to the Virginia Leonard's to the Maryland Leonard's. Looks like we will stay the Virginia Leonard's (just a different part of Virginia).

Friday, June 17, 2011

Her Last Day

First Day of Preschool

First Day of Kindergarten Kindergarten Spring Pictures

First of all - I apologize for the length of time in between posts. I was trying to be good about it, but updated posts just didn't happen. So two months go by and all of a sudden today is Maddy's last day of kindergarten. Where did the time go? Not only the last year, but the last 6? I look back with a little sadness, remembering the time when I could just hold her and rock her to sleep and we just got lost in each others gaze. But then I think about the tremendous growth she has made this year and my heart fills with excitement and great anticipation for the day when she is ready to take on the world - on her own. Until that day comes, I will cherish each moment.

Congratulations Maddy!